Ketamine programs

Trauma-Focused, Therapist Guided Ketamine Journeys.

Completely Virtual

1:1 or in pods

For the Newbie, the Dubious, & the Certified Psychonaut.

“Trauma happens in community and so does healing.”
Jonathan Frith | AMFT

Ketamine Journey & Integration Pods

We believe that some healing work is best done in a supportive group setting. This can provide a lower-cost, higher-benefit experience.

Group Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy Immersion // In-Person

Spring 2024

Your pod will gather to share in the Ketamine journey together, including a sharing circle, preparation, dosing, and our deep integration.

Weekly Ketamine Integration Pod // Virtual


Weekly online integration group for those already receiving Ketamine treatment- every Tuesday

Ready for a deeper practice?