“Stabilize, realize who you are, and then go be that person in the world. That’s our path for clients, for our therapists, and for ourselves.”

Trauma happens in the mind, body, and spirit. And so does healing. We work with you to find your center, so you can remember who you are.


Transform therapists integrate somatic therapy breath work, yoga, music and art into the therapeutic experience.


Transform therapists are trained in a variety of trauma-focused modalities, such as somatic experiencing and EMDR.


Our practitioners practice self-care, explore psychedelic medicine, and engage in regular spiritual and insight-oriented That’s our path for clients, for our therapists, and for ourselves.

The Story

Transform is a private practice, treating clients remotely. Transform is also a growth incubator for entrepreneurial thought leaders that use therapy as a means to bring patients into self-actualization.

Samantha Schlossman, Psy D. moved from clinic therapy into private practice, and quickly began envisioning something beyond the dusty mold. She moved deep into embodiment, trauma treatment, and recovery modalities. In the search for a model of therapy that felt good to her and valuable for her patients, she continued to add on new practices - breathwork, movement, somatic experiencing, and addiction therapy.

“But no matter how many things Samantha learned, she knew if she didn’t fix the structure, nothing would change."

The concept of Transform began to take shape, and she partnered with co-founder Tara Sindler, LMFP, SEP, CADC-II.
“Giving our highly trained therapists the trust to explore and to build a business that feeds them makes them far more effective in their work.” Transform developed an internship that is unlike any other. Therapists are given full support to find their own voice. They learn to use embodiment practices for themselves and their clients. They are also taught the business and marketing strategies that allow them to thrive and find the clients they can best serve. “And there is space for graduated interns to join us and become leaders within Transform,” shared Samantha.

On their own growth path, the founders discovered the enormously impactful practice of Ketamine-assisted psychotherapy, or KAP. Offering this work put Samatha and Tara, once again, at odds with mainstream therapy.

“We have been immersed in recovery work, which is, obviously, fervently opposed to substance use, even for therapeutic purposes. But the thing is, Ketamine-assisted psychotherapy works. It really, really works,” said Samantha

The Transform Approach is used with KAP, where therapists are fully immersed, have experienced the treatment, and offer a deeper and more effective integration than anywhere else. For therapists, having the opportunity to observe and practice with Ketamine for years before beginning their own practice is unprecedented. “The certification takes four hours. That’s all most practitioners get before they are leading journeys.”

Whether you are healing, seeking, or expanding, Transform’s KAP Approach means you will actually integrate what happens on your journeys into a better life experience. KAP enhances creativity and creates new neural pathways. These shortcuts to growth become your new normal when you integrate with clinical experts, especially those that have used KAP for their own growth. “I had the idea for the KAP Internship while I was on Ketamine,” said Tara. Tara left Transform to begin her own practice in 2022.

“Stabilize, realize who you are, and then go be that person in the world. That’s our path for clients, for our therapists, and for ourselves,” added Samantha

True transformation is a rebellion against what was. Transform has stepped away from the archaic systems that want you to stay stuck in a never-ending loop of chaos. We are not wallowing in the past on a couch, we are living free from tired stories and writing our own liberated futures.

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