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‍We treat depression, anxiety, PTSD, stress, trauma, addiction, and other diagnoses.Better is available. Transform’s compassionate, embodied approach to psychotherapy will create a path to wellness that is uniquely suited to you. Couch optional.

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The Transform Process uses embodied methods and traditional therapy to create radical shifts in your well-being.

Our transformative therapies unlock new neural pathways and literally change your mind. Don't worry, you can still lay on a couch.We use embodied practices that bring your results into the real world.

We work with Ketamine to shift your mind. And we work with you to find the path forward.

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The Transform Process

Trauma happens in the mind, body, and spirit. And so does healing. This is how we work with you to stabilize, realize who you are, and let that person shine.

EMBODIED - Our therapists practice and explore breathwork, yoga, and other healing modalities that bring your body into the healing process.

EMBOLDENED - We don’t do cookie-cutter therapy. Our individualized care means that we will get to know your best self, and even more importantly, so will you.

EMBRACED - Our practitioners practice self-care, explore psychedelic medicines, and create a culture of respect and creativity. If we aren’t healed and whole, how can we help you to be?

Whether you are healing, seeking, or expanding, Transform’s Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP) Approach means you will actually integrate what happens on your journeys into a better life experience. KAP enhances creativity and creates new neural pathways. These shortcuts to growth become your new normal when you integrate with clinical experts, especially those that have used KAP for their own growth.

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Ketamine-Assisted Therapy has shown positive improvements for those managing:
Treatment-Resistant Depression         -      Addiction         -      PTSD         -      Anxiety         -      OCD

The Founder

Transform - Samantha Schlossmann


"If we can release ourselves from our past, we can move towards our future."

Meet the team

Read about our tribe of therapists and find a practitioner that fits. Each individual has a specialty and is expert in a multitude of modalities. And they are all committed to the Transform Process.

Charlotte Nolan | Psy.D

“I will be your ally as you pursue more depth and connection in your life.”

Elena Pezzini | Psy.D

"Your fine mind is the best tool you have to live a happy life."

Erin Doumert | Integration Coach, Somatic Practitioner

“Heal from the blockages that keep you stuck so that you can live a happy and purposeful life.”

Jonathan Frith | AMFT

“My mission is to support you along your healing journey and assist you in finding inner peace.”

Kylee Donohue | AMFT

“My goal is to meet you exactly where you are.”

Natalie Mark | LMFT

“We are able to work together to help you become the best version of you…”

Tina McGraw | Psy.D.

“Connection is the key to healing.”

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