Trip for Trauma.

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Our unique approach combines Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy with individualized trauma treatment.



The Transform Process uses embodied modalities and traditional therapy to help you create radical shifts in your well-being.

Our transformative therapies support you to connect more deeply with yourself, let go of what no longer serves you and rediscover your body innate ability to heal from your past.

The Transform Process

Trauma happens in the mind, body and spirit, and so does healing. We work with you to find your center, so you can remember who you are.

EMBODIED - Transform therapists integrate somatic therapy breathwork, yoga, music and art into the therapeutic experience.

EMBOLDENED - Transform therapists are trained in a variety of trauma-focused modalities, such as somatic experiencing and EMDR.

EMBRACED - Our practitioners practice self-care, explore psychedelic medicine, and engage in regular spiritual and insight-oriented practices.

Whether you are healing, seeking, or expanding, Transform’s approach focuses on preparing for and integrating your journey experience so you can optimize the benefits of Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy. Radical shifts in consciousness may be experienced.

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Heal from the comfort of home with a dedicated team of experienced therapists.

The Founder


"If we can release ourselves from our past, we can move towards our future."

I offer EMDR and Somatic Experiencing for the treatment of trauma and addiction. I have a deep capacity to assist people in learning how to uncover their own natural resilience and teach them the self-regulatory skills they need to live a full and authentic life.

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We believe that some healing work is best done in a supportive group setting. This can provide a lower-cost, higher-benefit experience.



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